Bizfit “Couch to Summit Challenge”

June 29, 2017 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Team News / 2989 Views

We did it! I find myself writing this feature with elation and relief that we completed the Bizfit challenge and made it to the virtual top of Everest!

On Friday 23rdJune our team of 12; made up of industry colleagues, 6 crazy office members and 1 dog (!) took on the challenge to be involved in a unique networking Charity event to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, whilst supporting ‘Wear Yellow Day’ for another fantastic charity, Cystic Fibrosis. We climbed as a team to the top of the virtual Summit of Mount Everest and to complete the 8,848 metre climb, we all repeatedly tackled the 71 metre elevation. We started from the British Camp car park and journeyed to the top of a very windy British Camp Fort which is located on the Malvern Hills in an area of outstanding natural beauty. An elevation it certainly was indeed and it proved to be a challenge from the first ascent!

The event was organised by Bizfit and was to encourage companies to meet, connect and help develop the mental and physical resilience that challenges lots of small business owners daily. In addition there was the opportunity to establish new business relationships between small companies within neighbouring counties whilst raising money for charity. We were joined by three other teams who also took on the challenge with great enthusiasm and team spirit. Everyone exhibited huge support for one another and new business relationships were forged as we climbed!

Our star players were Kate ‘the machine’ Carr, Steve ‘the mountain goat’ Schwartz, and personal trainer David ‘Mac’ McKinnon who did extra climbs to help those with injuries and who at points could be seen to run entire elevations and descents, going above and beyond expectations!

We all had an amazing day and are proud to say we were the first team to complete the challenge at 3:12pm “go team #FCCE” we have managed to raise £685.00 and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in organising a truly unique team build experience and for everyone’s support and generosity along the way.

Watch this space for next year’s challenge!!!