Themes for International Business in 2020

International business
February 11, 2020 / Posted by Ele Hardman / in Event planning / 1225 Views

Here at First Choice Conference & Events we love moving into a new year as it’s all about brilliant resolutions (we hope to keep them all) and planning lots of exciting events! What do we think the big event industry trends will be in 2020? We’ve narrowed it down to our top five predictions:

unique venues get a slice of the limelight

‘Quirky’ & ‘wow-factor’ were buzzwords that defined venue searches in 2019. 2020 looks set to continue with a focus on venues that set themselves aside from the norm; think stunning castles, vibrant museums and high-tech stadiums. Whether minimalistic venues or those steeped in tradition, venues that allow plenty of flexibility when it comes to branding will stand out as corporate clients seek to create standout events with plenty of personalisation.

delegate wellbeing & engagement: making you happy

Shawn Achor, author of the Happiness Advantage, pulls together decades of research to show how companies’ sales, productivity and accuracy are improved by a happy workforce. It’s no surprise then that companies are engaging in a progressive culture of nurturing their employees!

With events, the “bleisure” segment (a mashup term of business meets leisure) will increase as a focus as attendees seek exciting experiences. Think beautiful countryside mindfulness walks, refreshing yoga workshops and a syndicate room specifically based around attendees unplugging from tech. Ever considered a silent conference? An event where there are multiple speakers, but the delegate can tune into the content that they decide on. How about a bespoke function room set-up? Ditch the boardroom style and swap to more casual seating…or giant beanbags! We predict that events are going to become more informal with healthy food & beverage offerings to ensure everyone’s energy levels are maximised – without the dreaded sugar rush!

going green: sustainability

Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey 2019 surveyed 13,000 millennials across 42 countries alongside approximately 3000 Gen Z’s, with the biggest overall concern being the protection of the environment/ climate change. It’s no surprise then that the event industry will continue to address wasteful and potentially damaging practices, with venues and companies keen to promote their green credentials.
Key focus areas will include: carbon off-setting for delegates, utilising locally sourced produce, minimising food waste, plastic reduction and addressing the event’s potential impact on the local community.
With travel being one of the most polluting factors linked to the events industry, transportation links, E-charging points and carbon off-setting credentials will all be under greater scrutiny.

outstanding technology

An engaged audience is one that will gain the most from their event. In 2020, projection mapping – where imagery is projected onto a surface – has the capacity to transport delegates to an entirely different world. Imagine journeying into your function room via a cascading waterfall, or looking up to the ceiling to see a 3D projection of the earth – it’s technology with the potential to create an atmosphere of serenity, or a similar vibe! However it’s not just aesthetics where technology will come to its own; live polling apps grant instant engagement and live streaming allows for a greater sense of international collaboration.

enhanced event security

Both cyber-security and personal security will be a key focus in the coming year with attendee security being an absolute priority in the planning process. Carefully considered crisis and emergency communications are vital in ensuring that there is clear preparation for any eventuality. With an ever-changing world it’s vital to be prepared. Location, Location, Location!

In terms of corporate destinations, London, Barcelona, Chicago, LA, Bangkok and Singapore remain high on event planner’s worldwide destination lists but we’re anticipating more requests for alternative destinations. Fancy Prague or Mexico for your next bi-annual conference? We can help with that!

So that’s our countdown complete, but what should you expect in 2020 from the lovely FCCE team? We’re turning 25, so watch this space!