Gloucestershire Business Awards Finalist

August 17, 2017 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Team News / 2380 Views

We are a proud bunch and nothing makes us prouder than the awards and accolades we have received as a team – after all ‘teamwork makes the dream work’! Therefore, you can imagine the team’s reaction yesterday when we received the following email to tell us that we are a finalist …

‘I am delighted to announce that following your submission for the Gloucestershire Business Awards 2017, First Choice Conference & Events has been shortlisted as a finalist by our judging panel for the category of Best Place to Work.’ We were overjoyed – there was a certain buzz throughout our team WhatsApp group!

The submission was a group effort; it was made up of everyone explaining why First Choice Conference & Events really is a fantastic place to work. From how the team is built up full of skilled and energetic people, who share the company values, across to the service we offer and the importance of allowing everyone a chance to constantly further their venue knowledge and put forward venues and ideas which they think will work best.

Other factors we were keen to impress the judges with were our welcoming, friendly and caring office environment, our annual away days where everyone gets the chance to bring ideas to the group as well as stating what they would most like to change (allowing all team members to feel valued and appreciated), as well as the opportunities we have to support charities in activities such as the Bizfit Challenge, Devil Mud Run and Great British Breakfast. There is a certain uniqueness to having a small group of people who are all so supportive of each other and enjoy working together outside of work to keep fit, maintain a clear mind and bring a real sense of achievement to our everyday life in the office.

The Gloucestershire Business Awards is a huge event which many companies in the area aspire to be able to attend. They focus on celebrating the talent we have locally and connecting great business’ who have the same mindset. The awards have established themselves as one of the most prestigious events in the local calendar since they were first held 20 years ago. And this year we are hoping that we can make it all the way to 1st place to be the ‘Best Place to Work in Gloucestershire’