Hybrid events – the possibilities are endless!

Hybrid st ermins
December 07, 2020 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Awards / 1506 Views

The meeting and events world has been forced to revolutionise in 2020 and although in time, face to face events will no doubt see a resurgence, for now at least the virtual world is where it’s at and whilst 100% virtual options are improving there is also a rise in hybrid events! This format of event is gaining traction and popularity as it gives the best of both in the sense that you can deliver to hundreds or even thousands of delegates virtually as well as having speakers and presenters in a physical venue with an audience if required. Everyone attending virtually and in person enjoy the same experience and that is opening up a whole new world for companies wanting to showcase globally or to a massive audience. We have been researching venues who are now offering this option, with an in-house team to deliver all the tech and support you’ll need to achieve a high quality, effective event. For many clients, this hybrid method can feel daunting especially if they are new to the virtual world having put all their meetings and events on hold for the past nine months. However, we are making it our mission to become experts in the field and can support you all the way when deciding what format to go for and how to go about delivering it.

The Royal Lancaster is one of the front runners when it comes to this sort of meeting. Whether you’re looking to host a virtual, hybrid or live event in the heart of London, the innovative SmartStudio XR at Royal Lancaster London in partnership with Smart AV, is able to make it a reality. They have an XR studio in London to host virtual, hybrid or live events, either pre-recorded or via live streaming, in their spacious and flexible Westbourne Suite. The hotel has invested in a 20sqm extended reality stage with audio, broadcast cameras and TV ready lighting, plus support from Smart AV’s expert technicians. This provides clients with a fully immersive environment for your audience with interactive sets, augmented reality objects and real-time virtual panel discussion options. Essentially you can achieve everything you need and want from an event and dare we say it, perhaps more, without the need for delegates to all be physically present.

Another venue delivering hybrid meetings is The Belfy in Sutton Coldfield. They are providing a ‘Studio Solution’ which offers filming, production and an adaptable space in a spacious venue. This includes green screen option, a tech support team and other relevant equipment. Their other offering is a ‘Virtual Solution’ which includes an LED wall and tech support plus everything you’ll need for a virtual event. Again, their in-house AV team can help you to get everything you need from your hybrid meeting or event without compromise.

One final venue in the spotlight is St Ermins Hotel in London, part of the Autograph Collection. This venue is working in conjunction with Showcase AVi, an event production company with 20 years’ experience. The hotel has invested in their own permanent Live Studio, where clients can create and host hybrid and virtual events. With ever changing guidelines, the Live Studio offers flexibility, meaning clients can change from hybrid to virtual with the utmost of ease. Everything you need is provided in-house and so there should be nothing to stop you from creating an unforgettable event.

Whilst there is so much uncertainty still out there, clients have been nervous to make plans regarding large scale meetings and events however with this new technology and capability being brought into venues we know and love, we feel it’s certainly time to embrace change and try out a new type of event. Hybrid events give clients the best of both worlds whilst we are still being restricted in what we do and there really is an abundance of technology at your disposal so get in touch via theteam@firstchoice-ce.co.uk if you want to know more about what’s possible for your meetings and events.