Meet Polly…

Meet Polly
June 15, 2018 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Team News / 2595 Views

Polly, what do you enjoy the most about being an Event Coordinator?

I have always enjoyed attending events in my leisure time with friends and family and now I have the luxury to work on corporate events in my career. Being an Event Coordinator is highly enjoyable as it’s so fast-paced, resulting in every single day being different. I always need to be one step ahead with fresh, new ideas to wow our clients, it keeps me focused and productive.

What three items or virtues are essential to your job?

Being proactive – New trends are constantly emerging, and venues are always going through refurbishments, so I believe it is essential that you are pro-active with what’s up and coming into the industry and what venues may become of interest for our clients.

Multi-tasking- Being able to manage deadlines, tasks and priorities are so important in an Event Coordinators role. Different clients with different events all  require full attention so being able to juggle multiple events is essential.

Thinking ahead – An Event Coordinator must be able to think on their feet and respond effectively and efficiently all within the client’s interest.

Which is your favourite events destination and why?

London is where it is always happening first and faster than any other destination in the world. London has the quirkiest, coolest venues, which many of our clients are asking for. The Curtain, The Mandrake and Nobu hotel all are firm favourites of mine.

Which is your favourite venue and why?

Although London is the ‘happening’ destination for events, it doesn’t hold my favourite venue, yet! The Greenway is a small 16th century luxury Elizabethan manor house located just outside of Cheltenham.  From growing up in the local area, I love the countryside and small manor houses ticks all the boxes. The greenway is a stunning building, with small but intimate event space, outside gardens and a lovely spa with outdoor hot tub. How could it not be my favourite?!

What are your top tips for event planning?

  • Tip 1- Write a to-do list and prioritise
  • Tip 2- Create unique bonds and relationships with clients
  • Tip 3- Top up on venue knowledge, rules and regulations affecting the industry
  • Tip 4- Be versatile and learn from mistakes
  • Tip 5- Remember Polly’s 3 P’s: be positive, be polite and be present!