Polly and Magdalen’s Pop Up’s!

November 23, 2018 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Event planning / 1987 Views

Here at First Choice Conference & Events we greatly value our client relationships which often results in many contacts placing repeat business with us. One client who we have a long-standing relationship with is MyKindaFuture; after having started to work together due to being in the same building back in 2013, 5 years later we now also work with the London office, a big handful of contacts and book a wide range of events. This year they have also used us for project management, which leads onto two very exciting events…

As a company we are faced with lots of different tasks and enquiries daily; cliché we know, but every day really is completely different. Project management requirements can range dependant on the event but for this client Polly managed a range of tasks across the board including site management then all the way to event preplanning from our office, printing content, development of documentation, booking alternative services and planning logistics with a fine-tooth comb! Project management is our chargeable service in comparison to our free venue finding service, purely due to the dedicated time we allocate to making your events extra special. Polly and Magdalen were both onsite at two venues in difference locations, Sunderland and Nottingham.

The National Glass Centre was selected to host the Channel 4 Pop Up event in Sunderland with their contemporary and unique meeting spaces, which are flooded with natural daylight and interesting architecture – perfect to link with the media! This venue was highly accommodating and our contact, Elaine really couldn’t do enough to help. We took over the Riverside room and the Pod with AV being provided in house, these spaces worked well with the strict timeframe of the event and tricky logistics with a double registration during the day.

Followed by Polly and Dans’ site visit to Albert Hall Conference Centre in Nottingham the client confirmed this venue for Nottingham’s Channel 4 Pop Up. This venue is in a perfect city centre location with multiple breakout areas which made this venue highly suitable to the concept and logistics of the pop up. The service was very slick, on schedule and all dietaries were catered for very well with lots of offerings. Having lots of flexible spaces helped the event to flow well and run efficiently.

Now in its fourth year, Channel 4 Pop Ups have hosted over 2,600 attendees at 22 Pop Ups in 18 towns and cities across the UK. Designed to equip diverse attendees with the practical skills required to work in the media industry and the social capital to thrive, the day is designed to kick-start their career at Channel 4.

Jodie McCallum, the host for both events, was a ‘rising star’ back when she first attended a Pop Up event. From this she now supports Channel 4 acting as a true role model and success story for the attendees with a profession as a TV presenter for ITV2. Both Magdalen and Polly found both events highly rewarding and really enjoyed working with a diverse group of attendees with a range of abilities and additional needs.

The events have truly made a fantastic impact in the communities. All of the tutors were able to highlight a difference in each individual from the beginning to the end of the sessions and the attendees left having gained more confidence throughout the day.

Moving forward, we received glowing feedback from our contacts at MyKindaFuture and tutors running the workshops. We intend to continue to grow our relationship with such a fantastic client working on projects throughout next year.