Those all important Senior Meetings!

Senior Management Meeting
September 15, 2020 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Event planning / 1071 Views

At First Choice Conference & Events, we are experts at sourcing suitable venues for Senior Management and abiding by Covid-19 regulations is at the forefront of our planning for events. Due to government guidelines, small meetings of up to 30 delegates are the only meetings that can currently take place. But what could be more important than getting your management team together? Senior teams require meetings to establish the organisational and financial impacts in their business; discuss any adaption requirements to implement government regulations in the work environment and promote safe working for employees.

Having such good relationships with venues we are in constant contact with them and have received regular updates. Venues are adapting to government guidelines by using larger event spaces to allow for social distancing of at least 1 meter between each seated delegate. Other guidelines are being followed such as hand sanitiser being readily available, one-way systems around the venue and face covering worn in public areas. As an organisation, we are ensuring as many rules and regulations are not only being adhered to but also detailed within our proposals to our clients – for example, maximum capacities of event spaces with social distancing applied.

We also take into consideration the specific requirements of the meeting. A guest speaker or CEO may have so much content to cover and so many delegates to address, many of whom may only be able to attend virtually so ensuring the venue is equipped for your meeting and the virtual world is high on our agenda, let’s face it a flip chart and screen just isn’t enough right now!

So why not get back to meeting in person and take advantage of larger, well-ventilated and more spacious meeting rooms for your next Senior Management meeting?