Exclusive or shared parties?

Exclusive Christmas Party
June 06, 2019 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Christmas / 1750 Views

UK businesses are set to spend over £1 billion on Christmas parties this year so expectations for a night of merriment and celebrations will be high! There are so many ways to celebrate the festivities with venues offering themed nights, extravagant catering as well as exclusive or shared parties depending on your holiday wishes.


Exclusive of shared parties?


In order to settle the debate on exclusive vs shared Christmas parties, the lovely Polly took to social media and created ‘Pol’s Poll’ to gauge public opinions. Would people rather have individual parties with their colleagues, or be a part of a shared event with many different companies coming together for the night?

On Facebook the poll showed a landslide for hosting exclusive parties, as opposed to shared ones. Whereas, on Twitter the poll showed a contrasting view, with 67% preferring shared parties. For smaller companies (like us) a shared party can be ideal as it provides the experience of a large party night as groups can come together and share the celebrations. Users of both these social media platforms have answered differently, which shows the differing needs of individuals when concerning their festive office parties. While some will be happy to celebrate the season together, others would rather keep their office parties separate. Either way team FCCE are on hand to source the perfect venue.

Shared parties provide great entertainment and catering at a reasonable cost, which can allow for smaller groups to enjoy the atmosphere and thrill of a large-scale production without having to blow their budget. You can indulge in all the luxuries at a fraction of the cost. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?
Themes have become increasingly important for Christmas parties with venues transforming into magical new worlds for the night. The decor can be anything from colourful carnival celebrations, to going back in time and exploring the roaring 20’s. Hosting a masquerade ball has been a popular theme, as colleagues can arrive to a sophisticated evening of live music and lavish decorations, whilst dressed up in Venetian masks and ready to party! These can be both exclusive or shared parties and they always succeed in celebrating the holiday in style!

Locally in Cheltenham, venues such as the Racecourse and Ellenborough Park offer both exclusive and shared Christmas parties, giving you live music, entertainment, food and drinks. While London has an immense amount of venues catering for both private and joiner parties, ranging from James Bond themed celebrations to city cruises on the River Thames. If joining the world of elite secret agents is your idea of a festive treat or enjoying a three-course meal with scenic views of the capital, whilst ambling down the river is more your thing, there are venues for everyone. The vast range of venues on offer will deliver the perfect setting to celebrate the Christmas period in style.

Some of our favourite ideas for Christmas parties have included the exclusive use of the vibrant cocktail bar Dirty Martini in the centre of Birmingham, with festive cocktails for everyone to enjoy! We have also booked private dining parties at The Ivy, for an evening of sophisticated celebration. For shared parties we have heavily themed nights organised with fairground rides and marquees to get the festive celebrations under way.

With our expertise we can cater to all client briefing’s, be that exclusive or shared Christmas parties. With venues showcasing a vast range of opportunities for celebrating the festive season, we can be sure to provide unforgettable memories and make your Christmas party one to remember. So, get in touch and let us plan your perfect party!