recommend a friend

We’d love you to recommend a colleague, a friend, a relative, (you get the idea, any event booker you know!) that is new to us. We really appreciate you sharing the love and passing our details on, so for any introductions that lead to new business for First Choice Conference & Events you will receive a £25 shopping voucher of your choice to spend at either John Lewis, Marks & Spencer or Amazon!

We know that event planners are busy, so why not let us take the stress away while you enjoy a little bit of retail therapy!

  • Applies to referred clients spending a minimum of £1,000 on one event exclusive of VAT
  • Value of rewards will be calculated on commissionable elements on final invoices
  • First Choice Conference & Events cannot accept responsibility for any personal tax liability which may arise from individual participants in this promotion. It should be noted that First choice Conference & Events file returns under Section 15 (9) Taxes Management Act 1970, giving details of the promotion and its participants. Any subsequent action is taken at the discretion of the participant’s local tax office.