Meet Cheryl, our Director of Sales

March 27, 2017 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Team News / 2675 Views

Cheryl, what do you enjoy the most about working for First Choice Conference & Events?
The people; not just the great team I work with but the clients too. I love meeting people and creating relationships, it’s been great to return from maternity leave and catch up with everyone. I’m really looking forward to hosting client events and seeing our lovely clients again on a more social level; these events really do give me the opportunity to get to know our clients personally.


What three items or virtues are essential to your job?
Just being myself – I find when someone is trying to sell me something I often buy them. I hate scripts and often go off on a tangent, that’s just me, I like to be friendly!
Earning trust – Trust is the foundation of any relationship
My diary – I’d be lost without it. Being organised is essential, there’s nothing worse than turning up late for an appointment or even missing one!


What is the best experience you have had at First Choice Conference & Events and why?
Recently the team had the opportunity to visit the new Centre Parcs Woburn Forest. We took over two cabins for the weekend, which was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone again. One highlight for me was the Aerial Adventure – which if you’d asked me before would have been a totally different answer! One look up at the trees and wobbly wooden bridges and I was petrified. It felt great to reach the end though and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Magdalen, Dan and Chloe – thanks guys!


Which is your favourite venue and why?
Gosh, there are so many to choose from, but the venue that springs to mind based on how I felt when I was there is Luton Hoo. I was lucky enough to stay there one evening before a client meeting the following day and instead of ordering room service, I thought I’d give the ‘dining for one’ experience a go. It was fantastic, the venue made me feel like a princess in The Wernher Restaurant. I ended up having three courses – I was enjoying myself so much!


What’s your top tip for doing your job?
Learn to listen. For someone who likes to do a million things at once, I had to teach myself to stop and listen, and to pay attention to what people are telling me about what is important to them. How can we begin to find the right venue if we don’t know what is important to the client?