Not booked your Christmas party yet?

October 01, 2016 / Posted by support / in Christmas / 2671 Views

Our tips for planning a Christmas party at the last minute!

It’s not even November, but if you haven’t planned your Christmas party yet – you could have left it a little too late. Relax, there’s just enough time, but only if you start planning right now! At First Choice Conference & Events we specialise in booking corporate events and Christmas parties, so we’ve put together some handy tips you can use to plan your festive fun…

  1. Be realistic.

    You only have a limited amount of time to plan your party, so you need to be realistic about what you can and can’t achieve in that time. Scale down your ambitions and expectations a little. Remember, the more you have to do, the harder it will be to achieve last minute. It’s best to scale down your plans and pull off a fantastic party, rather than stretch yourself too thin, get all stressed out and end up with an embarrassing disaster.

  2. Book your venue immediately.

    There’s a good chance that venues will be booked up with parties already, but it’s always worth checking just in case there has been a last minute cancellation. If you want to get the best deals available on venues talk to us.

  3. Can’t find a venue?Hold the party in your office.

    Yes, ideally it is better to get out of the office for your work’s Christmas party, but if everywhere else is booked up, it just can’t be helped. A party in the office is better than no party at all, and you can use the money you’d normally spend on a venue on free drinks, better food and entertainment. Maybe consider holding the event on a Thursday or other weekday when availability and price can be much better compared to the weekend. Some companies choose to wait until after the Christmas rush and celebrate early in the New Year benefiting from more availability and lower prices.

  4. Solving the entertainment problem.

    This close to Christmas, many bands, DJs and entertainers will either be unavailable or charging extortionate prices. It is worth look around for a decent student band or entertainer who could provide great entertainment at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Get some professional help.

    If you’re going to organise a fantastic Christmas party without completely stressing yourself out, you’re going to need some help. Why should everyone else be enjoying themselves while you do all the running around? We are specialists at venue finding and event management with over 21 years’ experience. We love to use our expertise to manage all the stress of organising your party, leaving you to take all the credit.


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