Guess who’s back…

July 24, 2017 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Team News / 2529 Views

The queen of the king prawn linguine, Gilmore Girl re-runs and entertaining the office, Heather (or better known within the team as Bridget Jones), is back in the First Choice Conference & Events office. After completing her event management degree and coming out of university with a 1st (well done Heather!) we have quizzed her on her return!


Heather,  what was your highlight of the final year at University?

The highlight of my final year at University was our summer ball; it took place on my final evening before I moved out of Plymouth and was a perfect celebration of 4 years of hard work coming to an end and an exciting new stage to come! Another huge highlight was handing in my dissertation, after months of researching and countless late nights making sure I had finished each section it felt so amazing to submit it. It was so interesting to learn so much about the outcomes of team building for corporate clients as this is a section of the industry I have a passion in and hope to bring my new wealth of knowledge to the FCCE team!


What’s the best bit about being back in the office?

The best bit about being back at First Choice Conference & Events is working alongside the lovely team. Everyone in the office has a real sense of unity and it’s great to be back in an environment where I can continue to learn more with people who are interested in my personal development. I am also really enjoying getting to work on new and exciting enquiries, there’s always a sense of mystery about what enquiry I will work on next and this makes my job fun, challenging and thrilling.


What are you looking forward too?

I am looking forward to exploring lots of new venues as it increases my knowledge about the industry and allows me to always propose the best venue options to clients. Looking around a venue is always exciting as firstly it allows me to understand where venues are located and secondly it allows me to think how the space could be utilised for future events!