Welcoming in 2018 …

January 10, 2018 / Posted by Cheryl Brunwin / in Event planning / 2228 Views

The FCCE team are always being proactive with hitting targets and meeting deadlines, but can we really stick to and meet our own 2018 New Year’s resolutions?


Through some intense first day back investigations, we’ve found that a lot of our event geeks want to improve their health! After Christmas it is fairly common to want to detox (something to do with all those roast potatoes?!) and this is the same for team FCCE.


Polly and Milly share a resolution of wanting to become physically fitter; having both joined a local gym prior to Christmas, they are motivating each other to stick to a good routine – after all, teamwork makes the dream work! Similarly, Laura wants to get her running shoes back out the wardrobe in 2018 – after having completed the Devil Mud Run and triathlon she’s eager to start running again with her pace maker, Bailey the Beagle – who knows what her next challenge will be? Someone who has their next challenge set is Dan, leading from the top he’s signed up to the Cheltenham Half Marathon in Sept 2018 – with the target of still being able to do physical activity after he turns 40 in July!

Ross has a specific goal of completing at least 1 hour of exercise a day; whether that’s his morning yoga routine or exploring the hills of his home town of Stroud (If anyone sees him stopping off at Winstones ice cream factory, let us know!). Likewise, Ian would like to get out into nature more, being a keen walking enthusiast, he’d like to walk with more of his volunteers and after taking part in the walk to Everest this year, he can achieve it! Penny’s resolution is also health related but focus’ on eating healthier, by making small changes such as cutting down sugar and white flour she wishes to improve her nutrition!


Karen’s aim is to become more organised in 2018 allowing her to spend more time with her two little girls outside of work. Karen is a baker extraordinaire, so the team are front of the volunteer line to try any sweet treats made by her and her daughters! Cheryl also wants to improve her organising and try and get all family and friends birthday cards out on time – we will be keeping an eye out for when our cards arrive Cheryl!

Well being

Jas’ new year’s resolution is to place more importance on well being – it’s important to take care of yourself first, make time for things that matter and keep a healthy mind through exercise and a good life balance! Similarly, Magdalen’s resolution is to take time to enjoy the ‘present’ and trying not to worry about the past or the future. Team FCCE thrive on being a positive and supportive bunch of people and highlight the importance of not only creating strong relationships with clients, but also with colleagues. We like to boost one another by simply saying good morning or making each other a lovely cuppa!

Lastly, Kates new year resolution for 2018 is simple, to not make one at all. However, she would like to re-arrange her house, she’s often first in line for a re-shuffle of the office furniture!

Looking forward

The Team are now back in the office, heading full steam through January and we would love to hear from you all with your new year’s resolutions! Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any event or accommodation enquiries (even for Christmas 2018 – get it booked early and relieve the stress later on!)